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Empire Pots 4x16 Fabric Raised Bed w/ Trellis Fittings

Empire Pots 4x16 Fabric Raised Bed w/ Trellis Fittings
Empire Pots 4x16 Fabric Raised Bed w/ Trellis Fittings
Please note: Fabric and Fittings only. No 1" PVC piping is included. Must be sourced locally
Part Number: EPRB416
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Empire Pots 4x16 Raised Bed with Trellis corner fittings standard. 

  • Trellis fittings come standard but a using a trellis top frame is optional
  • No 1" PVC piping is included. Must be sourced locally
  • Outside Dimensions 16 ' x 48" x 18"
  • 400 GSM Tan Fabric 
  • Bottom frame requires approximately 67 feet (with no cutting mistakes) of 1" PVC piping 
  • A 4 foot height trellis frame requires approximately 92 feet (with no cutting mistakes) of 1" PVC piping 

When it comes to raised beds, fabric beats wood every time. Using cloth instead of wood when building a raised bed will be easier, safer, and give you healthier and more robust plants with higher yields.

The Advantages of Using a Fabric Raised Bed

Fabric raised beds are fantastic to grow in. They are safe, convenient, grow healthier plants with higher yielding crops.

Lots of Room: Many growers have made the switch to raised beds for higher plant count density. Raised beds will help get the highest yield from limited growing space.

Promotes Aeration: Your plants will grow larger and stronger because they have better and stronger roots. This is because growing in a fabric raised bed, as opposed to a wooden raised bed or fabric pots, allows for more oxygen to circulate around the roots of the plants creating a more fibrous root structure. More roots, larger the fruits.

Conserves Water: Anytime you have a larger soil mass, you will have a higher rate of water retention. This means that using a fabric raised bed will take far less water than using many smaller pots would.

Better and Larger Yields: Having more room for roots to grow, in combination with better aeration and soil conditions, will produce healthier and larger yields using a fabric raised bed as opposed to using smaller fabric pots or a wooden-raised bed.

Better Soil Microbiology: Thriving microbiology can be very hard to maintain in smaller pots or wooden structures. A fabric raised bed provides optimum conditions, including maintaining moisture, for valuable microbes to flourish.

Mycelium Network: When plants are grown together, such as those in a raised fabric bed, they create their own mini-ecosystem and share a soil and root system. This type of shared system lets them come together to share moisture and nutrients as well as fight and stave of disease.

No-till Growing: Because of how fabric raised beds maintain their levels of moisture and support healthy soil microbiology, they are a perfect setting no-till growing.

Fewer Materials and Labor: Plants grown together in a raised fabric bed tend to have a shared root system that helps them grow and stay healthy on their own, which means less maintenance and care is needed for the plants. It is also true that when you use smaller pots, at some point, repotting is inevitable and will come with a cost and involve a good bit of labor.

Empire Pots Raised Bed Construction

We use 1 inch PVC piping for the frames of the fabric raised beds, which makes them significantly more sturdy than other growing structures that are made from ½ inch or ¾ inch PVC piping. Our fabric raised beds are so tough and durable that they can be reused for many growing cycles or seasons, depending on how you choose to use them. The fabric is a tan for reduced heat, 400 GSM, BPA free and sewn together with industrial strength thread.

Assembling Your Fabric Raised Bed

Assembling your fabric raised bed is easy. It doesn't take any special skills or equipment. When you get your fabric raised bed, you will receive the fabric for the bed itself along with all of the needed PVC fittings. The 1 inch PVC piping will need to be sourced locally.

You will need to purchase the one-inch PVC pipe from your local hardware or home goods store to finish creating the bed.

Building a Trellis Frame

Trellis fittings come standard with the Empire Pots Raised Beds but building the trellis frame is not necessary. You will be able to construct the trellis frame to any height you wish, by purchasing pieces of one-inch PVC pipe and cutting them to the desired lengths. The trellis is not necessary, but is a great option to easily keep your large yields upright.